Via Trapani, 1
Castelbuono – Palermo, 90013


Castelbuono is a town in Sicily, in the province of Palermo.

It is known for its castle from which its name derives, and around which the city developed in the 14th century. It is based in the heart of Madonie Park, a gem in the center north of Sicily.

The construction of the Castle began in 1316, by order of Count Francesco I of Ventimiglia over the ruins of the ancient Byzantine town of Ypsigro, high on the San Pietro hill. Hence its original name, Castello del buon aere (“Castle of good air”), from which the name Castelbuono is derived – literally meaning “good castle”.

The castle never served any really strategic purpose, owing to its geographic position down valley. The construction presents Arab-Norman and Swabian features: the cube shape recalls Arabic architecture; the square towers, although incorporated into those of the façade, reflect Norman architectural style, as also the battlements; and the round tower recalls aspects of Swabian architecture.

Now the city is a lively small center, a touristic destination, especially in summer, renowned for the capacity of the citizens to welcome each and everyone and the pride of them being “Castelbuonesi”.

The city is famous to be a hotspot of quality food, with ancient recipes and famous restaurants.

It is the town of Castelbuono hosting every year Ypsigrock, a boutique festival of indie and alternative rock, more than 20 years old, and one of the most awarded and recognised festival in Europe.